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HSV086 / HSVS086


The HSV086 series comprises a wide range of dependable safety cutoff valves for use in gas transmission, distribution, and industrial gas pressure regulating systems. For over 25 years, the SV086, the HSV086’s predecessor, has demonstrated its quality and usefulness. In order to keep up with current technology, the HSV086 has been improved and modified in contrast to the SV086.

R100 / R100S / R101S / R100(S)-M / R100-SO / R100(S)-SO


The R100 series contains a variety of high-pressure regulators (monitors) for use in gas transmission, distribution, and industrial gas pressure regulating systems. The R064, the R100’s predecessor, has shown its quality and utility for almost 25 years. In compared to the R064, the R100 has received considerable upgrades and updates to match modern technology. The R100 is a pilot-controlled direct acting regulator. Although the direct acting component is extremely fast, the slower pilot helps to keep set point fluctuations to a minimal.

Low costs

Minimal number of parts

noise reduction

With noise-reducing cage

Optimal control

Pressure differences from 0.5 bar

Gorter Controls manufactures measuring and regulating equipment. Gorter Controls’ gas pressure regulators and safety shut-off valves are well-known in the gas sector. We provide pressure regulators in the R100 series, control valves in the C210 series, and cutoff valves in the HSV086 series.

Underground module

Cocon 26

The Cocon 26 is a small underground system with a filter that resists a supply pressure up to 19 bar and a distribution pressure of 10 mbar in Gorter product range. It is especially suitable for urban use. The DVGW inspection standard VP 702 is complied with by Cocon 26. Compared to on-site facilities, Cocon 26 offers several benefits. These include reduced environmental effect, lower noise levels, avoidance of vandalism, and minimum maintenance requirements. Based on the replaceable connecting unit, site inspections and workshop maintenance with Cocon 26 are simplified. The complete connecting unit may be exchanged within 10 minutes.

C210(S) / C210(S)-M / C210(S)-E


The C210 series (previously Gorter) has a variety of high-pressure control valves that can be utilized in gas transmission, distribution, and industrial gas pressure or flow control systems. The C210 has demonstrated its excellence and application in regulating systems all around the world since the late 1990s. Control valves from the C210 series are utilized in some of the world’s largest regulating stations and power plants.


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